About Us



A specialist IP consulting firm providing a one-stop solution for all Intellectual Property matters.


  • To educate the market on the importance of Intellectual Property protection and the value of their IP assets.
  • To advice clients on management and commercialization of Intellectual Property assets to increase market share.
  • To build and maintain a healthy relationship of working and growing with our clients.


About Us

ISW Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd (ISW IP) is a specialist intellectual property consulting firm founded by, Peter Desmond Wee, who is currently the President of the Malaysian Intellectual Property Association (MIPA), and a Board Member of the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO).

ISW IP is in association with Ismail Sabri Wee & Wong (ISW Legal), to provide greater services that comprises the expertise in the field of IP services in legal, technical, and businesses. It is now known as ISW Legal IP.

Our main objective is to have a holistic approach to educate and advise clients to protect their IPs through registration, to manage their IPs through commercialization, and to enforce their IPs through civil litigation and criminal actions conducted with the relevant authorities.

Our team of IP expertise will advise clients on a two prong approaches in that we have IP commercialization team in ISW IP to assist you in your business plans and strategies, licensing and franchising, joint-ventures, spin off and technology transfer. We also help SMEs and Business Owners to conduct market research and to innovate their idea creation until commercialization

Through our association with Ismail Sabri Wee & Wong, Advocates & Solicitors (ISW Legal), as our legal advisor, ISW Legal IP is able to provide you with all your legal matters and represent you in infringement disputes and enforcement of your legal IP rights in Patent, Trade Mark, Copyright and Industrial Design.