Franchise and licensing (Commercialization)

Only registered Intellectual Property (IP) can be brought to the market for exploitation in return for profits by any business owners & partners.

IP knowledge transfer through franchising & licensing is the most popular commercial tools that lead to financial success of IP commercialisation.

Internal product development, IP Assignment, Joint Venture & Spin off company between University & Investors, on the other hand, are typical practices to promote a registered Intellectual Property to marketplace success for commercialization.

It is important...

To conduct RISK DUE DILIGENCE and PLANNING for any Intellectual Property (IP) commercialization by taking into account of:

  1. Nature of IP
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Nature of the product
  4. Financial status
  5. Legal issues
  6. Business Reputation

Invention, innovation, brands, and many technologies...

The four key aspects of business decision for marketing any new products or services are:

  1. When to launch?
  2. Where to launch?
  3. Whom to target?
  4. How to launch?