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About Us

ISW Legal IP (also known as Integrate Services Worldwide) is an ASEAN based Company that network and collaborate with all Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyers, IP Consultants, and IP Agents throughout Asia & ASEAN countries.

ISW Legal IP offers a one stop solution to all legal, business, and technical problems of Intellectual Property throughout ASIA and the global market.

The distinctive idea of providing comprehensive services in the legal, business and technical fields of Intellectual Property was first mooted in Malaysia. The Law Firm of Ismail Sabri Wee & Wong (ISW Legal) and ISW Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd (ISW IP), for example, have come together to provide holistic advice on Intellectual Property matters.

ISW Legal IP’s unique selling position is that our Lawyers, Consultants, and Agents have strong connections with all IP offices in Asia and ASEAN countries. They do not only provide but also produce result orient services and solution in the field of Intellectual Property.


Our Mission

  • We support today’s businesses with Intellectual Property knowledge for the benefit of tomorrow’s prosperity.
  • We advise our clients to get the most out of their idea, creativity and innovation to initiate new business model and establish long-term support in changing knowledge environment.

Our Vision

  • To be the Top IP Specialist for Asia, we dedicate our service to clients to develop their business market in Intellectual Property everywhere – together.
  • We strive to be the leading IP firm for Intellectual Property and business knowledge in fast changing technological environment

Our Motto

  • IP health creates IP wealth.
  • We support innovative companies not only to protect their intellectual property but also to create intellectual prosperity through commercialisation processes.

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